Hope: 10 Lessons From A Post Depressed Entrepreneur Now Victorious

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This is probably a post that you will NEVER read on a home business blog

BUT, I have seen people who actually could relate to this post and felt VERY encouraged.

The purpose of this post is also to help other entrepreneurs to be resilient and never give up.



It’s kind of a hush-hush topic in the home business world BUT …

it’s a New Year, a New Hope, a New Future and many of you asked me

where I’ve been during all this time apart from having my Awesome,

Gorgeous, Handsome Baby Boy Nathaniel, by the way he is now 8

weeks about 13lbs, LOVVVVVVES his milk and started to smile a week ago

and brings us a lot of joy, thank you so much to all his Facebook Fans.

(810 likes and 379 comments wooowwwww).He is a Gift from God. Anyway.



2014 was by far my best year, made a lot of mulla, came at the top of 2 huge

affiliate contests in our niche and won 2 really cool prizes:
– A mini iPad that I still use now (my husband was in shock when I won the iPad…& proud too) and I also won

– A $2500 VIP Mastermind retreat in Florida. NICEEEEE.

Before that, ALL seemed going well,

– Placed #9 at the Top 50 MLM Blogs and

– Placed #2 at the NO Excuses Summit IV Video contest and

attended the live event in Las Vegas which by the way indirectly blessed my husband’s life so much (more about it later)

– I sponsored 28 people in 2 weeks in my home business

– Got Featured in Jessica Higdon ‘s social media course and

made a lot of great connections and ca$hola through it (thank you)

– Launched my first online product

– Won my husband’s trust, he didn’t really think that this “online stuff” would ever really work, can any wife relate?

– Co-created a powerful inspiring mastermind group for home business owners

– Got invited personally by Brian Fanale, co-founder of MLSP to come on stage and interview the legendary Mike Dillard,

the father of Attraction Marketing wooooow much appreciated very thoughtful … Could not attend long story

– For the first time ever, I was able to pay for myself to attend live events with the

money I made online, that was huge for me!

– and I lost a staggering 22 lbs in 3 weeks using revolutionary products

which by the way I believe helped me increase the chances of getting pregnant.


AND BOOOM! I went OFF the rails as it were!

Weird hey?

I hardly did anything in 2015, it seems. SHOCKER! Yeap.

Or I should say, I was there but not 100% there, not really promoting

like I used to, not pushing as hard as I knew I could, not praying as I used to and so on.

I was just half living, tired, exhausted, drained after the 2 back to back affiliate contests.


I felt that enough was never enough. I made some good money but

I thought it should have been better. I gave it my whole and came back out,

flat out broke…mentally and spiritually. I didn’t realise initially.


I was just “relaxing” as I called it, “taking it easy”.

Days of no work became weeks of no work and then months and then… basically I got stuck in a funk.


hope-paintingIs it ok to say that?

Well I think it is, because I really want to help other people online or offline

who have given up, or want to give up to come back on fire and turn

their dreams into a reality and also to help other entrepreneurs about the issue of doubt,

doing “too much”, “a lot” and not getting the results expected either because

you are a perfectionist or because you are filled with doubts and fears.


Is it ok to say that?

Or am I the only one who has been in a funk(y) situation?:
– I got tired of working so much when I was expecting greater results

– I got really tired of tire-kickers, whiners who say they are entrepreneurs and flake out after 3 months never to be seen again thinking that when they come online, money is going to flow to them and not seeing much results “quit” thinking that they are going to make $10k in 30 days by doing nothing, with a $10 program. Definitely the wrong people to talk to.

– Got tired of the $8 program cycler matrix mentality of some peeps online

– Tired of not seeing enough on fire, hungry motivated home based owners wanting to invest in themselves and learn before they earn

– I got tired of motivating others and not get getting motivated or feeling encouraged by others. When you are a leader it can be hard when everybody thinks you are ok.

– I got sick and tired of spending so much time online. Which is my fault, I LOVVVVVVE online marketing, it captivates me but learning to have a balance is key. 


Would I recommend online marketing to anyone?

Yes and No!


Online marketing WORKS!!!! It helped me build my brand, connect for the first time

with people who were interested in joining my business, made a lot of

money with it and help me support small local businesses to get more visibility online through the skills I learned in MLSP. 


If you are LAZY, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur anyway.

Not everyone is cut for it. No, if you are not prepared to learn new skills and you keep on whining.

No if you do not take action and refuse to commit to yourself to do the work required!

10 Lessons I Learned

1) Mindset is key, yes it’s great to make money but if you lose sight of feeding your mind and your soul you won’t last long. In my case without feeding both, I could no longer operate. It’s all gradual, you don’t see what happens initially and then it’s as if, you woke up feeling like “robbed”. Have you been there? Your inner fire is gone, you feel irritable, tired, you put on weight, you feel stressed out…and the list goes on. So ALWAYS build your business with God’s help.

2) I learned that It’s ok not to be perfect: lol. I had such a high vision in my mind of what I was supposed to achieve that I spent more time procrastinating than taking action and ending up stuck in analysis-paralysis. I know now that yes you can get started with something which is less than perfect and improve over time. But at least get started.

3) It’s perfectly OK to say NO to jokers, who are wasting your time.

4) It’s ok to have a break, to stay away from Facebook and the online world for a while and actually meet other human beings

5) I’m ok with who I am now. I’m ok with the fact that I LOVE PLANNING, creating systems and basically being ORGANISED. I’m a teacher by trade after all, lol. You should have seen at Christmas lol. We rented out a BEAUTIFUL property in Anglesey (Wales) by the sea side, all my family from Paris and in the UK was there. And to make sure that everything would be running smoothly and that no one would end up spending all their time in the kitchen every day cooking for 9 grown ups, I created a spreadsheet table scheduling what food would be prepared for the next 4 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner, who was going to cook and who was going to help out clear up and I also had a “to not forget list” (my mum lovvvvvvved the spreadsheet). Results: we all had a BRILLIANT time at Christmas, especially my parents. JOB DONE! The less I have to think about, the more I get things done. Makes sense?

6) I’m a leader in my own right: no need to follow 1001 gurus and get my head spun up. I know what I want, I’m creative, intelligent, thoughtful, driven, hard working, witted, intuitive, funny sometimes “crazy” like my hubby and family would say and I can make it…with the help of other leaders and mentors…

7) It’s ok to ask for help. In that moment of depression, I asked some top leaders for help. Many thanks to Lena Bjorna who gave me more clarity on my business from a Christian perspective, tough love, tough questions, no sugar coating and straight to the point and to Norbert Orlewicz for his business advice. I love this quote “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off”

8) It’s ok to switch off and stay away from the online direct selling word for a while. In the meantime whilst I was pregnant…even heavily pregnant I helped a few local businesses with their online efforts, creating blogs and teaching them …online marketing strategies. It was really cool showing off my skills to my brother too lol.

9) Becoming an entrepreneur is a journey not a race

10) You can build a business ONLINE the easy way by getting a coach who can help you avoid the hurdles and pitfalls so you can skyrocket your business without having to chase your friends and family members.


>> What is NOT OK is quit <<

After spending all that time and money online, helping and

inspiring so many people you might as well continue BUT using a totally different approach.
I read a book called Dream To Destiny by Dina Beauvais which really

inspired me and also helped me get out of the funk. It reminded me

of who I was in Christ as a business woman and what were the gifts that God

placed in me and I know I have to fulfil my mission by helping others or I will

feel restless and unhappy, simple.

Check her book out, it’s a real eye opener. As Christians in business, we have the

privilege to show the light to others through our work. So let’s make it happen.



That being said, during this “low time” I totally rebranded my blog. I put a lot of love and thoughts into it.

It will be launched on Monday 18th January at 3:30pm EST.


Also, I got mentored by many top notch awesome leaders and coaches, I also spent more time

with God reading my Digital Bible and I had a lot of time to think and have a clearer

vision of where I want to be this year and who I’m going to do it with.


I’m currently offering coaching to SERIOUS clients using very simple yet effective

strategies to brand themselves online and attract the right audience.



That is why, I’m so excited about what the future will hold.


Please feel free to share with me your thoughts, plans for this year or if you ever had any breakdown while building your business and how you got OUT OF the funk. Write your comment below this post.


Let’s Make 2016 Our Best Year and May God Be With You Always.


Aurore JOnes 2015







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