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Are you building your business and suffering from INFORMATION OVERLOAD?

I know how you feel my friend, but as one the quotes below mentions…it’s a question of choice, you can decide to be overwhelmed or to say NO MORE!


Yep, let me explain how you can overcome these symptoms and be more in control of your mind and your time.


The information overload syndrome is common especially with “newbies” who believe they need to know everything about everything. The excitement leads to more discoveries, new territories, new information, saturation, exhaustion, and then a feeling of hopelessness. Overload and overwhelm and feeling of anxiety are very common.

It’s like overeating but your mind telling you to keep on eating REGARDLESS.

Wrong move!

I used to feel overwhelmed and I love it because I knew I was learning something new and exciting…but after a while, it can come at a cost.


10 steps to stop the overload of information

Step 1: take ACTION.

I could probably stop the blog post right there. As one of my mentors said “ACTION cures all”

Step 2: create a DMO (daily method of activities)

So you know exactly what to do on a daily basis and remember to include holidays, time spent with the children, your spouse, training, listening to webinars, motivational calls to improve your mindset, prospecting etc… (watch the video below for more details)

Step 3: Find an accountability partner. It’s all about managing information overload by finding ways to trigger you to take action and execute your plan.

Step 4: Use tricks to set yourself up for success (7 figure mentor shared the strategy he used to conquer his feeling of overwhelm and inactivity into a multi-million dollar business)…

Step 5: Learn and Share what you have learned. And the best thing would be to add it to your blog so you can refer people to your evergreen content. for more information about blogging continue here

Step 6: feel good about yourself for taking action. Be aware of your progress no matter how small you think it is. You must recognise and acknowledge it to be able to move to higher heights.

Listen to Step 7 to 10 by watching the video below

One word of advice, don’t become a digital junky…


Check these powerful and insightful information overload quotes


Watch the video below about information overload and leave a comment sharing your own experience


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