5 Tips to make videos that sell your business opportunity more effectively

Make Videos that sell

Are you looking to find a way to make videos that sell your business opportunity more effectively, so that you can leverage your time and effort better?

Awesome, I’ve got your back!!!

It’s all about EDUCATING your audience and why your business is the BEST deal on the planet…according to youĀ šŸ˜œ.

So please STOP throwing your PRECIOUS business link on social media hoping that somebody will sign up instantly.

How to make videos that sell your biz opp effectively

#1 Make Videos that sell

The “Why I joined my business” video. Essential to explain WHY you decided to join your business opportunity. People get so wrapped up with SIGNING up people that they forget to mention WHY they joined. You have surely a lot to say, so go for it. It can’t only be for the money. Or if it is fine, but share in more details instead of just throwing your precious link out there.

#2 Make Videos that sell

The “Back office” video. PeopleĀ want to know WHAT they are going to see once they sign up with you. What does the back office of your company looks like?, what does it offer, how do you go around it, how do you get started and so on. They want to see for themselves the inside of the back office to get more familiar with it before they get started. It’s AS IF they were already in the business with you.

#3 Make Videos that sell

The “compensation plan” video. Especially if you want to build a team, your future teammates want to know how they are going to get paid. How often, what does the payment structure look like, do they need to build a large team (MLM model) to reach their target income or can they make a good income only by recruiting a few people (top tier direct sales Ā model, click here to watch a presentation of this business model)

#4 Make Videos that sell

The “Training” video. You need to share what kind of marketing is going to help your teammates generateĀ leads and make sales to build their business. This is crucial, otherwise, people will simply find somebody else who has a marketing strategy in place to get them going.

#5 Make Videos that sell

The “Vision” video. What is your vision for YOUR life and YOUR businessĀ partners?. What do you want to achieve, what is your greater goal. People not only join a business, but they also buy into a VISION bigger than themselves. People buy into YOU and your vision. So show them the Promised Land. Guide them to fulfil their journey.





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  • Michal Hynson

    Reply Reply 15/10/2016

    Great video tips Aurore! Educating others is key. I was guilty of being spammy in the beginning until I learned the importance of giving value!

    Thank you again for these great tips!

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