“I’m On A Mission To Help 48 Families Per Year To Reach Their Financial Goals and Dream Big Again… Are You In?”


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not to have to worry about bills, live a life by designs, bless people around you and enjoy the gift of life that God has given you?

Are you an entrepreneur at heart who knows that there is more to life than a 9 to 5 job and you have a burning desire to impact lives around you?

Well, I’m glad we finally met!

Hi, my name is Aurore Jones and I help home business entrepreneurs like yourself to live a life by design and work towards reaching financial and time freedom.

Originally from Cameroon, I was born and raised in Beautiful Paris and now I live in the UK with my handsome husband and sons. I worked for 7 years as a secondary maths teacher in…PRISON. I remember how terrified I was in my  first days there, until I realised I was working with “kids”. It was a job as exciting and…challenging as you can imagine.

I got into the “Work From Home” BUG through an inspiring friend from church. Despite my fears and several attempts to make my “business from home” work for me, I felt like quitting so many times but I kept on going because I knew that there was no reward quitting and I knew that if others were successful, so could I… I just had to figure out what I was supposed to do.

If after months or even years of struggling in your home business, you are still NOT GIVING UP, you are blessed my friend. YES INDEED!


Because, it takes a lot of courage, guts, faith, resilience and determination to decide to become an entrepreneur and to stay in business regardless the ups and downs, opposition from your family, spouse, lack of money, illness and so on…

You must have had set backs, disappointments BUT you DID NOT QUIT! So keep going my friend, you WILL MAKE IT.

Unfortunately, too many good people join a home business wanting to become their own boss, excited about the idea of time and money freedom and… STRUGGLE because they didn’t educate themselves about what it really takes to have success in the home business niche and then they…QUIT!

don't give up Aurore Jones

That is why I am on a MISSION to help YOU, to help those who still have some fire in them and want a SOLID game plan to IGNITE their business without losing their faith nor their family and live the abundant life they were created to live. 

How I Can Help You Build Your Home Business?

Before I share with how I made my first $1000s with my home business, I want to offer you the chance to tell me how exactly I can help YOU with your business. I would love to hear from you my friend. You can send me a message On This Page or by email at Support@AuroreJones.com.

I am also inviting you to join my VIP Facebook Group where you will meet like-minded home business entrepreneurs like yourself and ask ANY marketing question you want and you will get a response fast!

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To get all my training updates, blog posts or videos simply connect with me on this page 

Aurore Jones Online Marketer

Ok, let’s continue, this how my BUSINESS CHANGED FOREVER

EUREKA! I FINALLY Took My Business Online

I remember looking for some information online about one of my previous home businesses and LONG and BEHOLD, I discovered the BEST KEPT SECRET of top business leaders in my business.

This system was a total game changer.

I learned and implemented 5 key principles to build a successful home business:

KEY To Success Number 1

Build “YOU Inc.”: Yep, I learned to BRAND myself instead of branding my company for FREE!

People are looking for leaders they can trust, leaders they like and want to follow. Your products simply become irrelevant when you are JUST A REP. But when you brand yourself as an individual of trust and when you have to offer something to the market place, people will flock to you. People will be attached to you, they will be attracted by who you are and what you stand for (so just be you). So let your MESS become your MESSage.

For the FIRST TIME, people were CONTACTING ME, reaching out to me, asking to join my business or how to get quality leads online. It felt awesome that I didn’t have to beg anyone anymore. Many were SO excited to hear me on the phone, telling me they watched ALL my videos, read my blog posts, loved my French accent and were ready to join whatever business I was doing. I have to admit it was a strange and absolutely awesome feeling. And this is what happens when you know how to clone yourself online through videos, blog posts, social media and so on.

KEY To Success Number 2:

Got The Attraction Marketing Factor? In other words, do you know how to attract red-hot leads ready to join you? If not, learning the art of marketing to attract your target audience to you, would it be using Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, blogging, making videos and so on is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL. Because quality leads are the lifeblood of your business… and with NO LEADS you have Zero, Nada, Zilch business. Can people find you online, can they see what makes you unique as a leader? Do you provide value to help others or you’re simply PITCHING, PITCHING, PITCHING your business all day long? How is this tactic working for you? personally, I failed PITCHING my business to everyone. Attracting the right people to me was 100% better than pitching. This is what I used to stop pitching my business, CLICK HERE.

Yep, it has nothing to do with making a quick buck because you are “desperate”, despair will not bring you more business but scare people off.

KEY To Success Number 3:

You gotta build a STRONG RELATIONSHIP with your list. When you offer your audience some free information, tips, or share ideas, give words of encouragement and so on, your audience will give you in exchange their email, name and even phone numbers to get more information from you, see for instance here how I capture my leads’ information.

And because you showed you care about them, they are now open to hear what you have to say. To be honest CALLING YOUR LEADS is what makes the BIGGEST difference. Up to now, I still have people asking me about my business ventures and how they can get involved.

How Cool Is That????


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KEY To Success Number 4 (Key 5 Revealed Later):

Invest financially in yourself, learn, apply and teach others what you’ve learned!!! Or you will get overwhelmed as well as lose LOTS of money by not sharing what you paid for with your time and/or your hard-earned cash!. So spend money on your own education, get a coach and recover your investment by teaching others what you have learned. So, for a limited time, I am offering a FREE 1:1 Business Strategy Call to help you get started the right way with your business, get HOT Leads and make MORE Sales.

Does working online really work?

Oh yes it does! However, it all depends on your work ethics, how much effort you are willing to put. Which category do you fit it?

Are you lazy? Are you expecting your sponsor to do everything for you? In that case, you really want to re-consider calling yourself an entrepreneur!


Are you coachable? Are you an action taker, have you made the decision to do whatever it will take to make your dream work? Then you are on the Right Track to Success.

When I brought my business online, it was the FIRST time, I was able to sign up new people into my business. I never met them before BUT they knew me through my blog and videos. AMAZING. When I called them to see how I could help them, they were SO THANKFUL and happy that a REAL PERSON finally took the time to call them back. Here is a TESTIMONIAL from Jennifer, continue here.

I made some amazing friends online and we keep on inspiring each other to go further and dream bigger.

Why I LOVE Online Marketing

  • First things first, I love online marketing because I WON MY HUSBAND OVER. After $8000 spent in a business venture with little to no success, it is understandable that my husband was very very sceptical about making money online from people I have never met before! It was a PAINFUL experience (lots of arguments and late nights) but we grew together and he realised that online marketing actually worked. Now he is my BEST Sheer LeaderThank you Hubby.
  • My FIRST $1,000 online was made ONLINE, by simply connecting with like-minded individuals, solving home business owners’ problems and having a good listening ear.
  • I arrived #9 at the Top 50 MLM Blogs
  • and arrived #2 at the NO Excuses Summit IV Video contest and attended the live event in Las Vegas
  • Sponsored 28 people in 2 weeks in my home business
  • Featured in a top 7 figure earner’s Social Media Course using Facebook to get free leads and make sales, continue here
  • Launched successfully my first information product on how to win company’s contests and make $1000 per sale using Facebook
  • Got recognised by top MLSP leaders and spoke at live MLSP webinars
  • Co-created my first Mastermind Group called the Mastermind Fever group, hosting weekly quality webinars with top leaders and newbies, helping members find momentum in their business, find a mastermind partner, get more exposure and build their home business online
  • Co-launched my second online info product called the 100 Day Biz Transformational Challenge
  • Interviewed top 6/7 figure earners such as Ray and Jessica Higdon, Lisa Grossman, Rob Fore, Tanya Aliza, Frank Marino, Mark Harbert, Patricia Sweeney…
  • Invited to come on stage and interview the legendary Mike Dillard, the father of Attraction Marketing. I’m a living proof that what he teaches work, check it out here.
  • Reached the top of the leaderboard for 2 back to back affiliate contests and won a mini-iPad and an entry to a $2500 VIP Live Mastermind Retreat in Florida.
  • Oh yeah and I lost a staggering  22lbs in 3 weeks…to have more chances to conceive a baby and made money by hosting a hangout and uploaded it to YouTube with my affiliate link!!!, check it out here
  • Created a list of raving fans, always willing to hear from me and what I have to offer


KEY To Success Number 5:

I learned I had to chill out and Pray More!. You MUST enjoy your entrepreneurial journey, connecting with new people, making mistakes, learning from them and move on. Spending more quality time with my family. Spending time in the word of God to feed my soul and regain my sanity was ESSENTIAL.

It was probably my best year ever online BUT I was so FOCUSED on building my business that I admit… I neglected my family and I neglected God without even realising it. Until I got seriously depressed. No more energy, no more fire burning in me, irritable, I got 100% drained, tired to fight, exhausted. I cried so many times for God to help me. I needed help and reached out to Lena, a friend and top fellow marketer.


God is SO FAITHFUL, he rekindled the fire in me.

I realised that my business wasn’t about ME and having SUCCESS. My success made sense only through HELPING OTHERS, ENCOURAGING OTHERS, INSPIRING OTHERS, BRINGING OUT THE BEST out of others. That is why now I really enjoy working with like-minded, determined, no non-sense individuals who are READY to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

My purpose is to SERVE others who made the decision to take responsibility for their lives and guide them.

Moral of the story: “Don’t leave God out of your life and business”. He has giving you this BURNING DESIRE to become an entrepreneur, He has given you this PASSION for a reason. You are NOT CRAZY!

The book “Dream To Destiny” by Dina Beauvais (a Christian serial entrepreneur) greatly helped me as well in my recovery, check it out here p31 (I hope it blesses you too).

That is why now…

“I’m On A Mission To Help 48 Families Per Year To Reach Their Financial Goals and Dream Big Again… Are You In?”

Are you going to be one of the 48 people selected to work with me?

To work with me simply connect with me on this page by filling in this short application, CLICK HERE


Speak To You Soon

Aurore Jones, Your Friend and Business Partner


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  • Ruth

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    Well done Aurore!!! Keep rocking MLSP!!!!!

    • Aurore

      Reply Reply 28/04/2012

      Awesome, thank you for passing by Ruth and thank you for the compliment. MLSP is awesome you are right my friend.

  • Angela

    Reply Reply 29/04/2012

    Hi Aurore,

    Loving the bio and site! Thanks for the connection Aurore : )

    • Aurore

      Reply Reply 29/04/2012

      Thank you for passing by Angela Super Star.

  • Gabriel Dixon

    Reply Reply 14/12/2012

    wow great video Ms.Aurore!

  • Awesome Blog Aurore, Love your story I can so relate.

  • you are the best Aurore.

  • Jackie Rowe

    Reply Reply 19/12/2012

    Excellent, excellent, Ms. Aurore! Loved your blog and content. Your story and heart goes without saying. MLSP community, among many other things does help brand and build awesome relationships. I'm thankful that we're friends and connected! ~~ <3 ~~ 😀

  • June Buckingham

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    Like your blog.

  • Joyce Weiss

    Reply Reply 21/12/2012

    Enjoyed your blog It is a Very nice fan page.

  • Tom Coleman

    Reply Reply 27/12/2012

    Hi Aurore, Just wanted to congratulate you on placing 9th in this years top 50 blogs sponsored by MLSP. I was glad I could help. Thank you for all the value you provide on your blog. All the best.

  • Kobedi

    Reply Reply 05/01/2014

    Thank Aurore for giving advice or teaching us to achieve a goal in life

  • Vineet Gupta

    Reply Reply 05/07/2015

    Hi Aurore,

    Greeting from India :)

    I have been a fan of your Teaching, I am following you from quite sometime.

    Today I am writing to you to request an Interview for my Blog – http://www.vineetgupta.net/category/mlm-interviews/

    I have started this Interview section to help out fellow network marketing professionals, so that they can gain some knowledge from experience of people like you & many others in the industry.

    If you are interested, I will mail you the Interview Questionaire, and you can revert to it & I’ll be publishing it on my blog.

    Look forward to hear from you.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vineet Gupta

    • admin

      Reply Reply 15/08/2015

      Sorry for the late reply. I will be happy to do an interview with you.

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