CC Clip Converter: How To Download any Videos To Your Youtube Channel?

CC Clip Converter

In the video below, I will show you a simple way to download any videos to your YouTube channel.

Especially if you have several channels. However, make sure that you stay compliant and that you don’t “steal” other people’s videos or your videos might be flagged and removed for Copyright Infringements.

Also remember when backing up your videos that it BACKS UP everything ALL the time from the beginning. So if you backed up 5 videos and you created 2 new videos , you will still back up your previous 5 videos.

So you need to figure out how often you want to back up your videos, once a month, twice a month? its up to you

Simply write it down in your diary, iPhone, Google calendar…

Finally, remember that the more videos you have the longer it will take to back up your videos… I mean HOURS…

I personally use CC Clip Converter to download/backup videos to my YouTube Channel.

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  • Andre Catnott

    Reply Reply 03/10/2014

    Thanks Aurore.

    I was wondering how I would do this.

    You answer that question :)

  • tosan

    Reply Reply 14/10/2014

    hi it was thru you i heard about mlmleadsystem pro i have paid and registered but i need a guide to know my way around. pls can you help. also i like the way you communicate and want you to be myonline mentor

  • tosan

    Reply Reply 14/10/2014

    hi i am itching to learn more about you coaching

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