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  • Jeff

    Reply Reply 28/10/2013

    Hi Aurore,

    I remember reading a post about MyPCBackup’s payment structure in your blog a while ago. I can not find that post no matter how I searched it. Could you please point me to the post?

    Thank you.

    • Aurore

      Reply Reply 05/11/2013

      hiya Jeff, im not promoting myPCbackup at the moment

  • Sally

    Reply Reply 14/11/2013

    Dear Aurora,

    I found your testimony on Jessica Higdon’s social media package and also see you are promoting MLSP. I am a network marketer who is happy with the company but looking for ways to get more targeted leads. I have also been looking at MLSP. I don’t currently use social media or blog etc. My worry about MLSP is that it might be a bit overwhelming and take me away from focusing on my business. I am computer literate but really know little about FB, twitter etc. would you suggest starting with Jessica’s modules or do you think MLSP is the way to go.

    Many thanks

    • Aurore

      Reply Reply 15/11/2013

      Hiya Sally both are excellent and serve different purposes. Most of the leaders I know came from MLSP.

  • Dianne Stevenson

    Reply Reply 21/05/2014

    Hi Aurore,

    I have just watched your video with your husband and did not realize you were born again Christians
    like myself. You phoned me a couple of times but at that time I was not ready to go ahead.
    I am impressed with your blog and your video was good clear and honest and would like to reconnect. I am going to a bible study tonight Wednesday but am free tomorrow at around 11.30 am
    Maybe we can catch up later.

    God Bless You Both

    • Aurore

      Reply Reply 22/05/2014

      Thank you very much for your comment Dianne. I will call you tomorrow.

  • Danielle

    Reply Reply 21/07/2014

    Hi Aurore,

    I came across your page because I was looking for some answers about a project that I wanted to be apart of. This company is called Wake Up Now. My friend is being paid very well from this and even though I haven’t heard too much about it being a scam, I would still like to know if this was a pyramid scheme?


    • Aurore

      Reply Reply 02/08/2014

      hiya Danielle, no its not a pyramid scheme, however they are having some major financial problems these days

  • Joyce Gaines

    Reply Reply 18/10/2016

    Hello Aurore,

    I am new to this network marketing thing. I see your blog and website and wanted to know who created it for you if you are willing to give me that info. Also I just started my direct sales business and I want to stay focused on it would you suggest I use MLSP?

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