Is having an ACCENT a hindrance in your business? – Limited Beliefs Part 2


Are you struggling because you have an ACCENT?

Is having an ACCENT a hindrance in your business? Are your limited beliefs holding you back in your business?

If you are, welcome to this blog post, where I will help you resolve this REAL issue that not many people talk about.

I just finished an interview with Russian-speaking Jelena Ostrovska. The hangout was entitled “Is having an ACCENT a hindrance in your business?”


Because on my previous blog post, I came across some people who felt discouraged and fearful to build their business online, especially making videos, getting their face out there, being seen and heard by others  ALL because they had an ACCENT.

Limited Beliefs

To be honest I can completely empathise because living in the UK and having a FRENCH ACCENT, it was also sooooo SCARY too. with…Initially.

Back in Paris, at school I was “great” at English…I thought. Speaking, reading and writing in English was easy!…but BOY the reality was that actually SPEAKING the language to native speakers was a REAL struggle.

😂 😂 😂

But, despite the fear, I came, I fought, I conquered.


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  • For me, if they’re giving good value the accent doesn’t matter. One of my favorite motivational speakers Zig Ziglar had a very heavy southern accent, but his speeches were amazing!

  • Gordon Attard

    Reply Reply 11/10/2016

    Great post Aurore! It was a doubt I had in the past as english is my second language too. It is all in the mind!

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