Maintaining a Fighting Entrepreneurial Spirit

entrepreneurial spirit

Are you looking to find ways to maintain your Entrepreneurial Spirit alive in a forever changing economy?

Like Michael Hyatt said

It’s quite interesting to see the way things work out when you first join and start a home business.

You feel excited, motivated, READY TO take on the WHOLE world… until a few weeks have gone by or a few months and so is your enthusiasm just BECAUSE you made nada sales.

Have you been there, or am I making things up?


Do you feel that you were better off financially without this new bizzoops yes “bizzoops” you started?.


Do you remember the car you were dreaming about, the house you already decorated in your mind’s eyes up to the number of cushions on the sofa and the foreign exotic places you wanted to travel to?


Has it faded away? or do you still believe after 3 years that your “dream” will come to pass?


I believe that, we’ve been sold entrepreneurial ideas,we’ve been sold the entrepreneurial dream and the pain has been hidden away from us.

Have we been mis sold to us?

What does it really mean to have an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

I believe that no one will come to your door offering you the major success, breakthrough that you are looking for unless…




“Oh frenchie girlie, get off your high horses” hmmmm …no 😉


Well, well, well. since I started this new business venture, it has been amazing to see how people react to “money” and how some have left their true potential die out because of “lack of” it.


About keeping an entrepreneurial spirit

entrepreneurial spirit

Of course it doesn’t help our industry when we hear about companies being shut down, people getting paid late or …never, when you find out you’ve been scammed …(ouch, don’t say that girlie…it hurts). It knocks off you confidence quite a lot…I mean a lot…


I found 2 categories:

 –  Those who’ve been burned out in slow entry biz opps and find excuses of NOT HAVING THE MONEY to start again a new business…and 3 years later you find them at the same place, with the same excuses, plus skepticism as an added bonus and with THE SAME DREAMS. Both don’t work.

– The second category, that I LOVE, is made out of people who failed several times, got burned up, had some success or no success but got back up again to find a better way, a better route to get closer to their dream life and became better and not bitter the process. They even invested even more in themseleves.

They decided to CARRY ON and fight back BECAUSE there was no other way out, there no other option than still being in the game.

They understood that, The ones who win are the ones who stay at it after everyone else has quit. 

These are the ones who had “no money” so they went and fount it and made their DREAMS come TRUE.

These are the ones who kept the entrepreneurial spirit alive and decided not to give up and overcome the obstacles coming their way.

It’s all in the mind and your attitude, it’s all in the way you react to adversity.


Keeping Your Entrepreneurial Spirit ALIVE:

There is NO TIME to quit and indulge ourself in a pretty petty party, if you don’t have the money find it.

 If you are a TRUE friend and entrepreneur, your advice would be “YES Hustle Now So You Don’t Have To Struggle Later”


 So invest in yourself, invest in your education, invest in your business so you can stay in the game, do whatever it takes to make it work, BUT



I repeat


This is not an option because there are too many people to inspire and serve

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  • Chuck Holmes

    Reply Reply 21/04/2016

    Yes, sticking with it is about half the battle. The other half is working hard and working smart. Most entrepreneurs I know of, regardless of their industry, have failed in several endeavors before they ever became successful.

    • Aurore

      Reply Reply 30/04/2016

      Exactly my friend. Sticking with it until successful is key.

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