MLM Success: Can you REALLY take your company social media marketing tips seriously?


MLM Success: Can you REALLY take your company social media marketing tips seriously?

Have you heard from your MLM the proper way to promote “your business” on social media?.

And I’m not talking about spamming Facebook groups with before and after pictures of your amazing products!.

Your home based business will NOT show you the exactly way to promote simply because:

  • they don’t know the proper way
  • it will require you to educate yourself…

Your home business is “using” YOU to promote its products and services.

Now, if for any reason they change the compensation plan or products, you are DONE! That is the reason why you MUST find a solid alternative.

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MLM Success

Going back to what we were saying, your company advice in terms of promoting the products /services is ALL WRONG! The solution is BRANDING yourself, not your company. That’s my MLM success tip 1. People must feel a connection with you, they must know, like and trust you before they spend money with you.

So if your company told you to post in as many Facebook groups, you will be very disappointed to see a few OTHER thousand REPS promoting their own stuff…AS WELL.

STOP annoying your friends and family members on Facebook.




Otherwise, your business is going to fail miserably on social media. Remember you MUST be social.



There is a HUGE secret you need to know in order for you to achieve the level of MLM success that you deserve.

Watch the video below to find out exactly what you need to do with your post to bring attention to what you are doing when using social media

Watch the video about your MLM Success and the #1 Ingredient YOU need when posting on Social Media

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