This is a list of tried and tested products I use and recommend. Over the years, I bought many "shiny objects" which did not help me build my business. Until, I found some really awesome products which helped me have success online and I believe will help you too. I have also added my special touch on some of the products where there was a heart warming story. Invest in yourself and teach others what you've learned.

My 4 "Must Have"

In this ebook, I share 5 simple steps to help home business owners, network marketers, MLMers to build their home business online to generate targeted leads and make more sales. I know how alien it can be for network markerters to go online when the only marketing they used is "belly to belly". After reading, the whole ebook, I'm also offering for a LIMITED TIME ONLY a FREE $297 Value Strategy Session to map out a custom game plan on steroids for your business and help you get started FAST online with a lot of more clarity. Continue Here >>


Optimizepress is my prefered internet marketing tool to create SLEEK blogs, capture pages, opt-in boxes, sales pages and so on because it's an ALL in 1 responsive online tool  (works on tablets, phone, desktop...). It is used by a countless number of fellow online marketers which shows how popular this tool is. It can be used as a plugin or theme on any WordPress blog. It has this clean, professional, beautiful versatile style that I love. On the other hand, it can be a bit complex even intimidating when never used before. Now, I consider myself to be an OptimizePress expert, if I may say so myself.  I had a great pleasure creating my whole blog with it. Continue Here >>


MLSP is the #1 Attraction Marketing Platform for home business owners. In other words, if you want to learn how to market your home business online, MLSP is the BEST educational platform you will find. The co-founders are REAL men of integrity. Among them, Brian Fanale, he is a GEM and a great friend. He personally invited me to interview  the Legendary Mike Dillard on stage at Live The Dream Event. So if you want to learn about blogging, SEO, Instagram, Twitter, Paid marketing, Youtube marketing to get more leads and make more sales for your business, MLSP is the GO TO online training place. I love the platform, the community, the enthusiam, the innovation, the success stories. You ought to check it out. Continue Here >>


AWEBER is the #1 auto-responder that I use to connect with my list of subscribers by email. I have been using AWEBER for years. It's easy user friendly, responsive on all digital platforms and also ALL marketing tools you will find online, integrate AWEBER as a 3rd party apps. To Get Your FREE for 30 Day Trial! Continue Here >>

My Ninja Blogging Secrets

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint is one of the best blogging courses I came across so far (apart from mine coming up soon ;-).  On this picture,  I was part of the Top 10 Affiliates who WON a $2500 VIP Mastermind week-end in Florida. In this course, you will learn How to Create YOUR OWN Online Personal Brand & Blog So That YOU Can Start Attracting More Teammates, Get On YOUR Company Stage & Make More Money. Blogging HELPED me tremendously in my business to attract high quality leads, build trust as well as create long lasting relationships online. BONUS: 1 On 1 Support and Training with Me. Continue Here >>


The 3 Minute-Expert  is very a thorough course which teaches how to establish your authority in ANY niche no matter how competitive it is… and turn that authority into a predictable stream of revenue of at least six-figures a year or more. I met Ray in Las Vegas and in London and all I have to say is that this man is simply awesome, genuine, no non-sense and results driven. You will love his course the same way I did. I ALSO bought this course because of the INSANE BONUSES. Continue HERE >>

My Social Media Vault

The 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula is the exact formula I used to sponsor 28 people in 2 weeks in one of my businesses which got me featured in Jessica's course. I also met  Jessica a couple of times. She is loving, king, beautiful, real mumpreneur who uses very simple yet powerful marketing strategies to get FREE leads on Facebook. Does it really work? Of course it does, I recruited 28 people in 21 days, not too shabby, what do you think? Continue Here >>


Tube Traffic Mojo is bar far the best video marketing course I came across. By following this blueprint, I got on the first page of Google and Youtube for various keywords in my niche. As a result, I got many leads and sales even people contacting me months and years later. It works for me 24/7. That helped me an L2 Leader in MLSP, the #1 Online Marketing Platform. Being known as a "celebrity" because of your videos is a great feeling especially when you close your prospects with ZERO resistance. Continue Here >>


{FREE Instagram PDF} Insta Lead Magic is a fantastic both short and in depth 10 page pdf which reveals all the steps to get started with Instagram and get 21+ leads per day. EXCLUSIVELY, for a short period of time, I'm also including a FREE 1:1 Consultation with me  to help you set up a daily Instagram schedule. One of my clients is having TREMENDOUS results with this strategy.  Continue Here >>

My Trusted Online Marketing Sytem

MLSP is the #1 Attraction Marketing Platform for home business owners. In other words, if you want to learn how to market your home business online, MLSP is the BEST educational platform you will find. If you want to learn about generating leads for your home business using the lastest online marketing stratetgies such as blogging, Periscope, SEO, Instagram, Twitter, paid marketing, Youtube marketing etc, MLSP is the place to go.  Continue Here >>

My Proven and Tested Closing SCRIPTS (video+audio+pdf)

YES Immediate Formula. I found Cesar on Youtube. A powerful, funny, charismatic closer in our niche. After meeting him at a live event in Vegas and attending a 6 figure mastermind event with him in Florida, I was 100% mesmerised by his knowledge and ability to close EASILY anyone in any business. That is why I bought his course. Does he really deliver? He actually over delivers and it will give you both posture and ability to close anyone in your business as well.  Do you want to close "anyone" effortlessly? then... Continue Here>>


My Prospecting Playbook is the perfect course to know EXACTLY what to say to your prospects over the phone. The bottom line is that calling your leads is paramount to your success. If you don't call your leads I WILL. Since using the key principles in this course, I have created my own scripts to close my prospects over the phone with ease. Here’s what you will learn in Week 1, the mindset of prospecting over the phone, in Week 2 how to lead a conversation and get what you want, in Week 3 how to profile your prospects, in Week 4 how to close and overcome objections and in Week 5 live role playing. Continue Here to get Week 1 for $7 ONLY


Little Black Book of Scripts contains 80 pages of scripts, letters, emails and templates and audio CDs from top prospecting Guru Todd Falcone. This Little Black Book of Scripts is one of Todd's top selling programs. There is a script literraly for every possible situation you may encounter as a network marketing working professional. Are you chasing people around when following up, are you clueless about what to say to get people watching your business presentation, getting lots of "maybes"? If your answer is YES, you will love this #1 go to scripts, audio + lettres + emails by Todd Falcone Continue Here. To get a PHYSICAL Copy Click Here

Healthy Entrepreneur Tip To Lose Weight Fast (I Lost 22lbs in 3weeks)

Total Life Changes weight loss products changed my life. I was looking to lose weight fast and keep it off to be able to conceive. In 3 weeks I lost 22lbs, my husband 18lbs and my sister too. I recommend these two products:

  • the 26 DAY INTENSE WEIGHT LOSS PACK, Item #: 1404. If you want to lose weight fast and don't want to exercise this is a great pack. It contains a bottle of HCG drops, a month worth of detox tea called Iaso tea and Nutraburst which is the equivalent of liquid vitamins. That is the pack I ordered.
  • If you like exercising and want to lose weight at the same time, I recommend the RESOLUTION Drops Item #: 124.

Simply go to "SHOP"  at my IBO is 2906431  and select your desired products. Join my Private Facebook Group Here for Instructions and tips on how to use the products effectively and see maximum results.