Thanks to everyone that voted for my blog during the Top 50 MLM Blog Contest 2012. My blog was in the TOP 10 (9th position).

Here is the announcement of the results on 23rd December 2012 by George Fourie with special guests Ray Higdon, Natasha Nassar Hazlett and Roxana Hannah.

……….Minutes 23:05…. Number 9, Aurore Jones


2013 Testimonials 2013: Top 50 MLM Blog Contest 2013 HERE<—

Brian Fanale

Lydia Brown


Jessica Higdon

Sponsored 28 people in 2 weeks

Sponsored 28 people in 2 weeks

Jennifer Crouch


Pacha Alexandre-Aime


JM Mukena


Andrea Ansari


Kate McShea


Marquel Russell


Sharon Greene

 April Belchard Ballard


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