STOP SPAMMING on Facebook: This is what people really think of …

facebook spam

First of all, I want to say that, many of us are or have been guilty of it. So this message is not to throw the stone at anyone who spams on Facebook but to realize that this strategy is not working as well as they might think.

I find writing quite therapeutic. I wanted to write this article for ages so now is the time…

Just recently a lovely lady, send me a spam message, kind of “how are you doing this is my link”

facebook kspammingHere is the message I got…

Actually, I receive so many of these on a daily basis that I simply stoppped reading them, especially when they are so vague.

“I saw your name in (xyz) group I want to be your friend. …Send ME a friend request” (

My question is WHAT FOR?


There must be a million and one biz opp out there.


The question is why would people join you? Why would I join you?

Now compare with somebody who has a blog, makes videos and provides value to the community, to someone who says “here is my link, join me now”…who do you think is going to attract more people to their business. It’a all about learning how to brand yourself and build trust with your audience


This is what people really think about these shady strategies:

facebook spamming

The worse must be to receive automated messages from broken or not well thought softwares.


facebook spaming


I love tools, I am a  “tool addict” but a tool is only a tool, especially in that case the best think is to make the message as much personal as possible.

To be honest right now I highly recommend paid traffic, yes it does require some money. But had I known and then listen properly to my mentors I would have done that a long time ago because it is scalable and you know what to expect.

Whereas you can spend hours online, not knowing what you are doing and annoying people spamming not your friends and family members but strangers on Facebook.

Anyway that’s another subject, if you use Facebook and send spammy message understand that its not your fault, you haven’t been told the whole truth.

As a matter of fact I would even say that if you learn how to market the right way, using proven systems and marketing strategies you will even be able to increase your value and help local businesses in your area and even get paid on a recurring basis.

To brand yourself like a Rock star and learn the best ways to market online take a look at this…

[high_impact_btn_let_me_in_now link=”” + target=”_self”] [/high_impact_btn_let_me_in_now]


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  • Andre Catnott

    Reply Reply 22/09/2014

    So many are doing it.

    Im guilty of it too as well.

    But thats not the right way to do things.

    Thanks for reminding us network marketers about this.

  • Chuck Holmes

    Reply Reply 21/04/2016

    This is one of the BIG reasons our industry gets a bad name. Spammers are alive and well on Facebook and ruining it for the rest of us. Most of them have NEVER been taught properly. The other few simply don’t care. You can build a business from Facebook, but you have to work smart and do it right.

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