Team Site Traffic Review: Why Is It The Perfect Tool To Grow Your Team Fast?

You heard this before…

“Success Leaves Clues”. Anthony Robbins

In this Team Site Traffic Review I will share some info about how and why this WordPress tool can help you grow your business fast like a pro.

(Launching 17th June 2014)

Team Site Traffic

Over the past few years, I tried to figure out the “online marketing game”

  • Why were they so successful?
  • What was the common pattern?
  • What made them irresistible to join?


First af all, let me share with you, how MLSP My Lead System Pro was the perfect place for me to investiguate and find out who was doing what and what were the common points of  what I would call the “typical leaders” featured on the leader board

I noticed 3 elements:

Number 1: they all had a blog to brand themselvesteam site traffic

Number 2: they were all providing great value by sharing good information, tips, educationg their audience, teaching them how to build their business instead of just promoting their business oppoortunity constantly, no spam there.

Number 3: Among other things so many leaders were leveraging either a private team training site and/or had a team site to expose people to the company they were promoting. I saw quite a few leaders doing that in the past and that really caught my attention.

“How Did They Do That?” I was asking myself, completely bemused…..


Yes, there is a pattern, success leaves clues


So that is how I later on also created my own team private site. That surely helped me reached L2 in MLSP because I was not just promoting affiliate links but also providing a structure and offering support to my team members and also were offering them to leverage my site to recruit more people themselves as well.

They were very excited about using my site as well as the bonuses

HOWEVER the whole site was branding me and all the affiliate lins were mine.

Nothing wrong with that but it would have made more sense, if  they were also able to brand themselves on my site using a testimonials  as well as include their own affiliate links.

Then, I met a leader online who was using some great team training/presentation site for his team using Dreamwaver.

Well, when I hear Dreamweaver and Photoshop usually I get brain dead, too technical for me.


“How much would it cost to outsource this work?”.

“How much workd would be involved?”


Introducing Team Site Traffic by Gavin Montford

Imagine if you could build a HUGE team with everbody ALL promoting the one team site that YOU created? Click on th eimage below to learn more about this incredible training program and WordPress Software that allows you to create and leverage a huge team to help everybody succeed!

team site training


When Gavin Montford, came with his product called Team Site Traffic, it could see the potential straight away.

I was so thankful that he created this WP plugin, where you can promote all type business and build your business would be be home based business or affiliate marketing products on the fast track.

Actually, whenever I started sharing the benefits of this WP Software, 90% of the people I came acrosss were REALLY EXCITED about it and also were looking for this type of tools to grow their business.


So well done Gavin.


I have listed 10 benefits below:

  • Create your own mini-product blog branding you as a leader
  • You can add your company compensation plan and explain it with your won words
  • Add reviews you have written
  • Add testimonials from people in your team so that it also gives them exposure
  • Your team members can now use their OWN AFFILIATE LINKS as well
  • People who join feel part of a strong team which has momentum and offers a community/tribe/”family” spirit
  • Your team can also create their own site uisng their link (did I already say that?)
  • Because of thetraffic broughtto the site, it gives you more backlinkling juice and reach the top 10 in Google uisng long tail keywords
  • Stand out from the rest of the affiliates or reps because of the awesome value to your team that everybody will wants to be part of your team
  • Sale team sites to people in other teams who want to use this great WP plugin

It gives you instant credibility and authority status in other words you know what you are doing…even if you are brand new

People join….people they know, like and trust, so surely when they  see you providing value, over and over again, they know they can bookmark your name for future reference and join you in due time.

To find out more about this WP Plugin that Gavin created and see some examples on how you can use it to recruit more prospects and make more sales, click here now.

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Team Site Traffic Review: Why Is It The Perfect Tool To Grow Your Team Fast?


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  • Andre Catnott

    Reply Reply 30/08/2014

    This sounds like a great product to create a team site.

    This is for the serious network marketers.

    Might have to look more into this.

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