Welcome to my blog, my name is Aurore Jones

and I am a Network Marketing Professional who

specializes in online marketing.



I was born and raised in Paris but I currently reside in the UK with my husband and our son.

I have been involved in network marketing for 4 years on a part time basis. Prior to that I was working as a maths teacher in a juvenile prison.



  Online MLM network marketer




Despite being a rewarding job, it became more and more stressful as you can imagine and I was constantly looking for a way to work from home and enjoy my family and friends. Even more so, when I became a mum in July 2010 and the thought of going back to work…prison was becoming more and more daunting!


 The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad opened up my eyes to a new world, the world of entrepreneurship. You can click on the image below, to get your copy.


 Aurore Jones



 Awesome!!! I never knew it was possible to have money working for you instead of working for money.   

 That actually helped me a lot in my previous job as I was seeing myself as an entrepreneur in the making, giving my best at all times, facing challenges… and eventually, I got promoted at my work place because of my enthusiasm and work ethic. “Getting things done and being creative”! here I am. I just love challenges. Originally from Cameroon, I was born and raised in Paris and through amazing circumstances came to the UK to study and qualify as a French teacher.



Moving by myself from France to the UK, with a suitcase probably twice my weight, I could barely speak English. I eventually learned the language, qualified as a teacher, worked in secondary schools as a French teacher and then …in prison I decided to teach maths, yep!
After a few short years, I got promoted as a training co-ordinator, leading a staff of around 80 people. Not bad for somebody who couldn’t speak English properly.”As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. Proverbs 23:7. I wanted to strive so I did. If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right” Henry Ford.


 Anyway the story was a bit different when it came to my network marketing business. I followed the prospecting tips given by my upline, approached my warm market, friends, family, friends of friends…, the list was endless. One word: Terrifying! So I tried.. and tried..and tried again in vain. Most of the people I knew were simply not interested and still and could not believe that there was anything else outside of the world of employment. 


I had to pass the criticism, laughters and doubts of others telling me that I had to come back to my senses. IMPOSSIBLE. The only difference between me and the superstars was their mindset, so I decided that I would change my mindset and aspire for greater things, read books, buy courses and do what they said.

After many cancelled meetings and unmotivated prospects I turned to the internet and found out that many leaders in the industry were branding themselves through the training provided by MyLeadSystemPro



What a blessing! An array of information, tools, success stories, strategies, an amazing community which taught me how to successfully  generate leads online without harassing friends and family and become an MLM leader



And the beauty is getting paid even when people don’t join my business. Some of my early earnings below:


 Aurore Jones


MLSP commissions Aurore Jones





MLSP Leaders Aurore Jones


I am so exited that I found that remarkable educational platform for network marketers to give them success with their home based business.



Finally Read Very Carefully These Words… 

I really believe that any person in network marketing can have success if only they knew how to market their business the right way. The lack of training provided by your upline or company should not stop you from having success.

The internet is the FUTURE.

My goal is to help you succeed using both online and offline strategies. 


So if you are sick and tired of struggling in network marketing and want to learn how to:

  • build your business without bothering your friends and family
  • learn what top producers do in your company to earn these big commission checks
  • learn how to generate 10 to 100 leads a DAY
  • make a 5 figure income per month consistently===> Click here NOW!


Thank you for reading my story

QUESTION: What is your story? I would love to know more about you.

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  • Ruth

    Reply Reply 27/04/2012

    Well done Aurore!!! Keep rocking MLSP!!!!!

    • Aurore

      Reply Reply 28/04/2012

      Awesome, thank you for passing by Ruth and thank you for the compliment. MLSP is awesome you are right my friend.

  • Angela

    Reply Reply 29/04/2012

    Hi Aurore,

    Loving the bio and site! Thanks for the connection Aurore : )

    • Aurore

      Reply Reply 29/04/2012

      Thank you for passing by Angela Super Star.

  • Gabriel Dixon

    Reply Reply 14/12/2012

    wow great video Ms.Aurore!

  • Awesome Blog Aurore, Love your story I can so relate.

  • you are the best Aurore.

  • Jackie Rowe

    Reply Reply 19/12/2012

    Excellent, excellent, Ms. Aurore! Loved your blog and content. Your story and heart goes without saying. MLSP community, among many other things does help brand and build awesome relationships. I'm thankful that we're friends and connected! ~~ <3 ~~ :D

  • June Buckingham

    Reply Reply 20/12/2012

    Like your blog.

  • Joyce Weiss

    Reply Reply 21/12/2012

    Enjoyed your blog It is a Very nice fan page.

  • Tom Coleman

    Reply Reply 27/12/2012

    Hi Aurore, Just wanted to congratulate you on placing 9th in this years top 50 blogs sponsored by MLSP. I was glad I could help. Thank you for all the value you provide on your blog. All the best.

  • Kobedi

    Reply Reply 05/01/2014

    Thank Aurore for giving advice or teaching us to achieve a goal in life

  • Vineet Gupta

    Reply Reply 05/07/2015

    Hi Aurore,

    Greeting from India :)

    I have been a fan of your Teaching, I am following you from quite sometime.

    Today I am writing to you to request an Interview for my Blog – http://www.vineetgupta.net/category/mlm-interviews/

    I have started this Interview section to help out fellow network marketing professionals, so that they can gain some knowledge from experience of people like you & many others in the industry.

    If you are interested, I will mail you the Interview Questionaire, and you can revert to it & I’ll be publishing it on my blog.

    Look forward to hear from you.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vineet Gupta

    • admin

      Reply Reply 15/08/2015

      Sorry for the late reply. I will be happy to do an interview with you.

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